New PSP a Go-Go

There has been an immense amount of rumour and loads of speculation regarding a new PSP being released by Sony, well it has been pretty much put to bed now. In the new episode of Qore (which has been leaked) the existance of a new PSP has been confirmed and it will be called PSP Go! I guess Sony won’t be too happy about the leak as they would have preferred the news to be a surprise of sorts at their conference at E3 next week but hey at least we can all rest a bit easier now. Below are some of the main bits of information regarding the new PSP:

  • 3.8″ screen
  • 43% lighter than the PSP 3000
  • 16 GB flash memory
  • Bluetooth
  • No UMD drive
  • Memory Stick Micro
  • It won’t replace the PSP 3000
  • Autumn release (probably in America)


The big point to take from that bit of information is that the PSP Go will have no UMD drive which indicates PSP games could partially be going down the digital distribution route. This would mean Sony would have to set up some sort of PSP store much like the one Apple have for their iPod/iPhone, very interesting.

If that wasn’t enough this new episode of Qore also revealed a few new PSP games which will be shown at E3, one in particular is rather interesting:

  • Gran Turismo Mobile
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Jak & Daxter
  • New Metal Gear Solid

Yes that’s right folks, a new MGS game for the PSP. Is this the game that Kojima Productions have been teasing at for the last few weeks or is that something entirely different?! Well one thing is for sure I definitely won’t be missing the Sony conference next week and I recommend you don’t either.



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    Where are my updates?

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