The return of the Shepard

Bioware have released a couple of trailers already for the upcoming Mass Effect 2 and one of them hinted that the protagnist, Commander Shepard, could be dead. Well fear not Shepard fans he (or she, totally up to you) is back. Here have a look for yourself in this brand spanking new trailer.

If I don’t say so myself that trailer looks fantastic and it is good to that Commander Shepard will be back as it keeps up the continuity of the games universe. I loved the whole epic sci-fi feel of the original and judging by trailer this will provide us with more of the same. Oh and before I forget folks don’t delete your original Mass Effect save as we are told by Bioware it will actually effect certain events/situtations in the sequel!

Mass Effect 2 is on schedule for a late 2009 release


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