Good, Bad or Shattered Memories?

May 29, 2009

A few months ago Konami announced they are in the process of remaking (or reinvisioning as they like to call it) the original Silent Hill exclusively for the Wii. The game is currently being developed by Climax Studios and is called Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. When I originally heard about this we thought “Why oh why would you do that? Leave the old classic alone!” but then my mind suddenly changed.

  • Harry is moved using the control stick.
  • The Wii remote is used to aim the flashlight
  • No load times
  • When you look at something Harry will vocally respond
  • The Wii remote acts as your cell phone, and the static noise comes out of the Wii remote speaker
  • Combat has been removed from the game, you can only flee
  • When the monsters chase you the Z button will allow you to break through doors, climb fences, through windows etc.

The above details really changed my mind and I thought to myself “Hmm this could actually be decent”. The only gameplay mechanic that made worried me slightly worried was the fact that there would be no actual combat in the game. Then my mind went back in time a little and I asked myself was the combat a huge part of Silent Hill anyway? The answer was no. Besides I know I wouldn’t be standing still and trying to kill nasties on my own in a spooky town like that, I would run away as fast as I could! The imaginative use of the Wii remote is what really got me smiling though, the fact that it would be acting as your flashlight and phone/radio. I mean imagine sitting alone in the dark (best way to play these games) and then all of a sudden getting totally freaked out by sounds coming out of the Wii remote. In theory it all sounds great and hope the developers can pull it off as the Wii certainly needs more games like this. Oh and just for your viewing pleasure here is the first trailer for the game. Enjoy!


Mario, Zelda and new Wii Fit incoming?

May 28, 2009

According to Macquarie Research Nintendo will be announcing three huge titles for the Wii at their E3 conference next week. Apparently they will be unveiling new Mario and Zelda titles along with a follow-up to the hugely successful Wii Fit. The report also suggests the new Wii Fit title will be sold as two different SKU’s, one will be the standalone game and the other will see the game getting bundled with the balance board. Now we know these are just rumours for now as nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo yet but there is definitely some substance behind them. In April Nintendo registered something called Wii Fit Plus with the Japanese Patent Office and then if that wasn’t proof enough there was also a logo to go with it which can be seen below.

Nintendo know that Wii Fit is a cash cow and they intend to milk it; I fully expect this new Wii Fit to been shown at E3. As for the new Mario and Zelda titles, well Nintendo would be crazy not to announce something about them at E3. Even though they are still currently rolling in the money thanks to the DS and Wii (plus Wii Fit) I think they know they need something please the more “hardcore” gamer and these titles certain fit that bill. There was a huge backlash after their underwhelming conference last year so yes I expect Nintendo will, at the very least, reveal details regarding these titles for gamers to salivate over during their E3 conference next week.